Electricity Metering System GAZ – KS


Electricity metering system automation

Metering of gas flow via electronic industrial gas meters is done via mobile channels with CSD data transfer. The point-to-point connection is set up via GSM modems. The system includes 2 modems: remote one that is connected to a gas metering instrument and the second one that is connected to PC.

Gas meter:


Dial a number of a remote modem in this dialogue box and click on the button “Connect”. After successful connection setup, you can perform the following operations: meter parameters reading, meter archive reading and writing such meter parameters as CO2 content, N2 content, density and others.

The program can query / record the meter parameters both using the GSM channel by transmitting data via the SCD channel and using a cable connected directly to computer.

To do this, select the type of connection in the field “Communication”: you can choose GSM or RS-232. In the picture above, you can see the parameters of the gas meter. To save these parameters, enter the value in the text field and click "Write".

To read the measurement archive, switch to the tab “Archive”.

The archive contains the following fields: date of measurement, flow, temperature, pressure, battery status, alarm signals. After reading measures from the meter, the archive is automatically saved in the computer database. The archive cannot be edited by the user. The measurement data can be exported to an Excel file.

Development technology: C #, PostgreSQL.