Automation of household appliances manufacture business processes

This software is designed to automate manufacture of household appliances. There is a cellular storage system, an automated module for writing off and transferring nomenclature to manufacture using smartphones, detailed accounting and production control, production planning, selling analysis.

Document “Input of balance”

Input of initial balances of materials and finished products in stock is carried out by cells.

Barcode printer:

Document “Delivery”

Goods are delivered to a warehouse by cells.

Document “Internal displacement”

Nomenclature is moved from one warehouse to another one.

Document “Write-off of nomenclature”

Nomenclature is written off from a warehouse by the reasons: “For expenditure”, “Rejects”, ”Into production”, “On the side”.

Document “Specification of finished products”

Here the list of materials for manufacture (one unit) of finished products is established.

Document “Order”

This document forms a list of finished products with calculation of amount of required materials by specification. It has statuses: “Transfer to production”, “Transferred to production”. Depending on status, the person responsible for transferring materials to production can scan barcodes in stock cells via device. The program creates the document “Shift to manufacture” and changes the status automatically.

Document “Shift to manufacture”

Transfer (write-off) of products from a materials warehouse to a production warehouse.

Document “Manufacture of finished products”

Finished products are made by order, materials from a production warehouse are written off with a status “Into production”.

Document “Shipment of finished products”

Shipment of finished products from a warehouse.

Directory “Cells”

With the help of this directory it is possible to print barcodes that can be stuck in warehouses. Scanning these barcodes, you can identify nomenclature and quantity needed for transfer to a production warehouse.