Electronic documentation information system for control and the competitive procurement process, payment approval sheet forming with automatic payment application forming

Advantages of this system:

- Legally correct forming of workflow and decision-making

- Unified system of central purchasing

- Information security and electronic signature

- Electronic workflow for the competitive procurement process and payment application forming

- Office work transparency

- Electronic data archive

Description of internal electronic tendering process:

1. Before the tender, user with the rights of “Inspector” adds to the system users with rights of “Commissioners”

2. The added commissioners enter the system using their usernames for further participation in the contest with their passwords and digital signatures.

  1. After all registration procedures, “Inspector” creates a protocol for participation, fills in all necessary fields, makes up a list of tender participants and a list of commissioners and selects the leading supplier.

  1. In case of controversial choice of the leading supplier, the tender is revised and a new tender is created by copying certain fields. Thus, the tender is reviewed by commissioners and the history of the tender is also conducted.

  2. If the protocol has passed all stages, it becomes a basis for a contract that becomes the main one at this stage. A payment approval sheet is also formed on a basis of the current tender and becomes a ground for a payment application.

  1. The security module prevents editing of field data created by user with rights of “Inspector” and participation at the supplier selection without registering a digital signature and associated password. Current user rights are also verified.

  2. Tender reporting is flexible and customizable by required fields and report structure.