The project to develop and embed the interbank system

for calculation of UZIBOR, UZIBOD and UZIAR indices

“UZIBOR” is a software package designed to automate the process of collecting information on deposit rates offered by commercial banks according to the instruction approved by the Commission for UZIBOR and daily calculation on the basis of the data obtained from UZIBOR, UZIBOD and UZIAR indices.

The back-end includes:

1. Storage and processing of collected data;

2. Release of information in a structured form.

The front-end includes the following features:

1. Daily input of rates and editing of entered rates to date;

2. Viewing rates and indices for the selected date;

3. Construction of graphs for the selected period with different options for filtering the displayed data;

4. Viewing the rates archive for the period for the selected bank;

5. Communication exchanges with other banks and participation in conferences.


The programming part for administration has the following features:

1. Adding and deleting new users, changing their access rights;

2. Settings of messaging between users and viewing of the message archive;

3. Creating conferences for communication of users.


You can see results of rates on www.uzibor.uz

Software technologies: C++ with Qt development tools

Database: PostgreSQL

Operating System: Windows 7