Software for automating the calculation of the cost of car production

This software is intended for the Planning Directorate, the cost calculation department to automate the processing and analysis and reporting when calculating the cost of cars.

Brief description and screenshots from the software:

1.Main Panel

The required function is entered through the main panel.

2. References.

2.1 Products and options

Product directories store information about the name of the product, including some variables regarding the license and formulas for them.

The option manual contains information about the configuration of car models and a brief description of this configuration. The same reference contains the current wholesale prices in USD. , soums and export prices while maintaining the history of price changes.

2.2 Cost items

The reference book of cost items contains a list of costs in relation to the non-material part of costs, they are divided into groups of production, non-production, taxes, licenses and deductions to budget funds.

Within each article there are many settings regarding the content of the output forms.

2.3 Materials

Material costs contain specific production material costs grouped by picking types.

The rest of the directories are similar to the last one

3.Periodic settings

These settings contain periodic coefficients for cost distribution, exchange rates and settings for the exchange folder and storage of reports in Excel


4.1 Release of finished products

The SOE release contains a complete list of manufactured products at prices, by type of sale and by option of a car, export and import. Bridges, exchange rates and setting up the exchange folder and storing reports in Excel

4.2 Material costs

This document contains information on the materials used at prices in UZS and in USD for the state. Course. Materials of imported and local production are indicated separately.

4.3 Production costs

Here non-material production costs are stored in detail with subgroups and with prices in USD and soums

about the state. Course. Materials of imported and local production are indicated separately.

4.4 Costs of periods

These costs relate to recurring costs of a non-production nature in soums and in USD at the rate of the Central Bank

Materials of imported and local production are indicated separately.

5. Unloading from templates

Unloading templates is needed to download information from the production cycle 1s UPP

gment -> Materials of imported and local production are indicated separately.


The cost of manufactured products reflects the complete picture of the activities of the Automotive production in amounts and quantities. Here, a full calculation of the cost of goods produced by options per unit of production and for the total issued quantity in UZS and in USD is made. at the rate of the Central Bank.

It analyzes the profitability of products in different currencies. In this second form, in addition to the above, the costs of variable and permanent nature are analyzed. It is possible to look at the forms in many sections required by the Customer

Examples of reporting forms:

1) Cost of manufactured products:

2) Cost of manufactured products with many filters of indicators:

3) Cost by sources of expenses with different filters for selecting indicators: