PHARM Trade KS - Retail and wholesale of medicines for pharmacies network + business analytics
- PHARM Trade KS - A subsystem for the automated formation of a consolidated application for procurement (planned sales)
- PHARM PRAIS KS - System for forming a consolidated price list, at low prices, from suppliers of medicines

- Accounting a standard solution for Uzbekistan.

- Accounting (budget) is a standard solution for Uzbekistan.

- Accounting IFRS

- A standard solution for Egypt

Payment schedule KS - Payment calendar - automation of the financial schedule of management and cash flow planning

- MERCURY-KS System of control and accounting of exchange trades

MERCURY-KS Electronic system of exchange trades

Driving school - automation of accounting taking into account specifics

- University - Accounting Automation

- College Wage - automation of payroll for teachers

- Binding of printers: with checks, barcodes of docks and labels ...

- Binding scanners and mobile data collection terminals ...

- Binding RFID scanners and desks ...

Project Automation of Accounting Uzzheldorpastrans

The salary of prom. - calculation of complex charges and deductions

HRM - KS - HR department automation

- RFID Scan. The system of recognition and notification of radio labels under Win. Mob

- ID Scan barcode recognition system and QR codes for Android

MOBAIL Trade - KS - Applications for mobile commerce

FURNITURE - KS - Automated system for accepting orders and selling furniture

Automation of the restaurant

SMART OFFICE - KS - Automation of accounting of OS and TMC

- STOCK - KS - Automation of accounting for goods receipt and sales

SCADA - Automation of industrial processes

TORG - KS - Automation of the retail network of food sales + system of discounts

- TORG - KS - Mini supermarket - automation of business processes

- TORG - KS - Trade and warehouse - accounting and sales of goods

- SHOP - KS - Clothing trade in a chain store, via smartphone with QR code recognition

- PUUL - KS - Electronic product distribution system