Professional automation of cable television business processes

Integrated automation of rendering cable television services

Brief description of the features:

The system Cable TV is an electronic database for management accounting. The information system is created as an organizational and technical system based on advanced information technologies. It is designed to record incoming requisitions from clients and control payments received from customers for company’s services. The purpose of the Information System is to automate Customer's management accounting in a single information database on the platform “1C: Enterprise 8.3”.

The system is divided into four main sections:

1. Cash

The section contains reference and operational data necessary for accounting for received payment from a client.

2. Dispatcher's office

The section contains reference and operational data necessary for registration of incoming requisitions from a client.

3. Administration

The section contains various settings for administering the system, registering users and setting access rights to the data.

4. Reports

The section contains a list of necessary reports for cashier and dispatcher.

5. External devices and equipment

This module allows you to connect various scanners to terminals and printers.

6. Automated SMS text-messaging

This module automatically sends out necessary messages about payment, debts or other information upon request of a customer.

System administrator interface:

Main features

The system records the following operational data:

• Register of subscribers indicating address, phone, category.

• Payment details: payment month, amount of payment, type of payment (new or repeated connection)

• Requisition log

1. Cash

Subscribers who did not make any payments neither in the current month nor in the previous month are marked in red color.

Subscribers who have not made yet payment in this month are marked in green color.

Subscribers who have already paid for the current month are marked in black color.

Cashier work window:

Cashier's work window is a view of subscriber's credit history for the current year. It is possible to switch between years and view a credit history for the last year, for example. Subscriber's credit history is filled in automatically when subscriber's address is filled (quarter, house, apartment). The active months (when a cashier makes payment) are highlighted in green, the next month in order is highlighted in blue.

“Payment amount per month” is inserted automatically by pressing the spacebar. This amount is calculated based on the data recorded in “Subscription fee per month”, “New connection”, “Reconnection”.

If it is a new connection, “Payment amount per month” is calculated as “Subscription fee per month” + “New connection”. Also, a subscriber category is taken into account in the calculation.

There is a field “Discount rate” in a subscriber category. If this field is filled, “Payment amount per month” is calculated taking into account the discount. The subscription fee per month is calculated considering the date of connection, the calculation is going for each remaining day of a month, except for the days required for connection.

Payment is saved in the system by pressing the key “Enter” or by clicking on the button “Pay” in the form.

Button “Clear” clears subscriber’s credit history and address from the form so it is possible to accept payment from the next subscriber. Form can also be cleaned by pressing the key “F2”.

Button “Add”: cashier can add a new subscriber by filling in the fields: Quarter, House, Apartment, Subscriber, Telephone, Date of connection, Category.

Button “Change”: cashier can change the name, phone and category of the current subscriber.

Button “Redirection”: cashier can redirect a subscriber from one address to another one with the preservation of the whole credit history. Redirection is possible only when a new address is free in the system and not occupied by any other subscriber.

Button “Print Barcode”: barcode is printed in a customer book and contains a unique subscriber code. A cashier doesn’t need to fill in a subscriber's address every time, it is enough just to scan a barcode from a customer book and all necessary data is filled in to the form automatically.

The cashier who made the payment can edit an amount only during the current day.

If a cashier contributes an amount different from the “Monthly subscription fee” or “New connection”, the corresponding entry appears in the event log.

The system user with administrator rights can delete subscribers who did not make payments neither in the current month nor in the previous month via checkbox.

2. Dispatcher's office

Requisitions for a new connection, reconnection, and other requisitions from subscribers are displayed in the dispatcher's log.

If it is been more days from the date of a requisition than it is indicated in “Execution time”, then the requisition is marked in red color in the general list of requisitions.

Current unfilled requisitions are marked in green.

Filled, closed requisitions are marked in black.

It is possible to select districts and periods. The period is set to the current day by default, so you can see orders created on that day in the list.

If necessary, the dispatcher can set another period.

Dispatcher fills in the fields Quarter, House and Apartment. The fields Subscriber, Phone and District are filled in automatically. Then you can see an informative message, if payment was made in the current month by a subscriber or not.

The fields “Type of correction” and “Requisition type” are directories, i.e. user can change an existing item or create a new one if necessary.

At the moment when dispatcher enters type of correction, the field “Date of correction” is filled automatically with the current date. The requisition is considered as closed if the type of correction is filled.

The dispatcher can create a printed form: Application for maintenance.

3. Reports

The system contains a list of the following reports:

• Distribution of overdue requests to districts

• List of debtors on the date

• Report on subscribers for a month, grouped by type: paid, for disconnection, for termination

• Report on subscribers for a period based on categories

• Report on incoming payments from subscribers in the context of districts and workers

3. Administration

System administrator can add new users, edit the rights of existing and new users.

Barcode Printing

It is possible to print barcodes. The barcode reflects data stored in the system and provides a quick search for relevant information in the system when scanning a barcode.

The barcode should display a unique identification number assigned by the system to a subscriber and associated with the subscriber’s credit history.

All you need is to press the button “Print barcode” in the document “Payment to a cashier”.

Automated SMS text-messaging

This module automatically sends out different messages upon request of a customer.

Connecting users to the system:

By using the technologies of the 1C 8.3 platform in the managed application mode, it is possible to connect users to the database both within local network and directly online. This technology allows you to work with the system in remote areas, regardless of the geographic location of the central database store.

Software technology: Platform 1C 8.3 managed application.