Medicines retail and wholesale trade for a pharmacy network + business analytics

Integrated automation of business processes of medicines purchase and trade. It consists of the following subsystems:

1 - "Purchasing Management" 2 - "Planning and Warehouse" 3 - "Wholesale Trade" 4 - "Retail Trade" 5 - "Finances" 6 - "Business Analytics"

Subsystem "Purchasing Management" consists of 2 documents:

1) Automatic download of supplier price-lists in xls and xlsx taking into account an item name, a producer, price groups, price options by expiration dates and other information. If necessary, only appropriate information from the price lists is loaded. There is also a possibility of manual adjustment. The system does not depend on the font and special symbols of a supplier and it makes the search of information more effective. There are also protection mechanisms against false duplication of rows in price lists of suppliers.

2) A purchase order can be created both in automatic and manual mode. In the automatic mode, you can set the lowest price of medicine from suppliers right away. The order is created based on availability of items in outlets. There is a printed form on which you can make a purchase. The system allows you to track regional out-of-stock items and controls the expiration dates.

3) Money report shows you summary data on the required amount of money with a total purchase amount.

Processing the price lists quickly you can quickly make a purchase at low prices!

The system also contains reports: "Analysis of the availability of items in pharmacies", "Monitoring of purchases", "Supplier order report", "Summary report on orders", "Report on price lists" and others.

Subsystem "Planning and Warehouse"

Supplier orders and the movement of goods through warehouses. This section is intended for management accounting for warehouses taking into account the central warehouse and pharmacy warehouses, regardless of the number of pharmacies. It is possible to keep records of goods in terms of expiration dates, production series and batch documents. The section contains reference materials, documents and reports on purchase planning, delivery dates, write-off of items, the movement of goods through warehouses and setting up barcodes on goods. The system provides for input of opening balances from the xls and xlsx files.

Request from a pharmacy. Pharmacy retail outlet forms a document “Request” which fixes the current need for the product. There is a possibility to take into account the standards for the availability of goods for each individual position. Requests are downloaded from the pharmacy database in automatic mode and uploaded into the central database.

Consolidated request. A general list of product range for purchase is formed upon request from pharmacies, taking into account the required number. Special mechanisms arrange goods requirements from the list of supplier orders automatically. There is also a planned percentage of the needs meeting, given the size of the budget.

Optimization of procurement. The system keeps track of the movement of goods between pharmacy warehouses according to the planning standards and taking into account surpluses after supplier promotions. The goods are redistributed automatically on the basis of requests from pharmacies.

Revaluation of goods. It’s possible to re-evaluate retail prices of goods both at the stage of procurement from a supplier and at the stage of sale in pharmacies. Revaluation takes into account the remains of goods in pharmacies. Updating prices in pharmacies is made through an exchange plan. New prices can be set both for the whole stock and partially. Mark-up and mark-down of the goods can be made according to names and expiration dates of items.

Loading vendor invoices. A goods delivery document is filling automatically through downloading vendor invoices in Excel files in terms of payment methods (Transfer or Cash), counterparty and type of contract. The document also provides for manual data entry and setting of selling prices. It’s possible to register and take into account the load and additional travel expenses and to set selling prices by size.

Distribution of goods by pharmacies is made in automatic mode on the basis of Requests from pharmacies. The system also provides for manual correction.

Internal displacement. Additional filling up of pharmacy warehouses not upon request. The system keeps a record both at shipment and acceptance stage and registers differences. The document creates a printed form of the transfer-receipt certificate, which can be saved as a file.

Inventory. The system automatically detects divergence between quantity in an inventory and quantity during physical inventories. You get a printed form of the inventory, which you can save as a file for further processing at retail outlets.

Write-offs and taking on charge. Based on the results of inventory, the identified re-sorting is corrected by writing off deficiencies and taking on charge surpluses. The system provides for automatic filling of the document based on the inventory. The document forms the printed form of Write-off and Acceptance certificates.

The system also contains reports: "Analysis of availability of goods in pharmacies", "Movement of goods", "Prices", "Distribution to pharmacies for the period", "Register of receiving reports ", "Revaluation report" and others.

Subsystem "Sales"

Automation of turnover calculation in retail pharmacy network. The system is implemented in the form of “back office” and “front offices”.

Short description of functionality:

- card system of goods accounting

- connection of up to 998 branches with full accounting and analysis for each of them in the central database

- work with a barcode scanner when selling, user-friendly interface of the Seller, ability to accept payment for one sale by cash, terminal, policies, etc. at the same time

- Cash register shift closing: registering the total amounts of sales in pharmacies, taking into account the types of payment, capital items (payment, return, etc.) in cash registers of pharmacies

- basic marketing reports on sales, transfers, balances and turnover in terms of goods.

Wholesale: Control of balances is provided. There’s full information about products: prices, balances, expiration dates, manufacturers, quantity in the original packaging. The system provides for various bonus programs, automatic and manual discounts, reservation system and shipment confirmation facilities. The document shows automatically the client's credit history and advance contract payments.

Retail cashier desk.

Trade point: Sales at retail prices provide for a regional price coefficient and work with deferred receipts. A user-friendly interface is controlled by both mouse and keyboard. The rebounds in the documents have auto filters for obtaining a list of analogues. There is a sale at wholesale prices, as well as mechanisms for rounding off and discounts. Payments are recorded both in cash and with payment.

Return of goods: Returns are made with checking with sales document and quantification based on the fact of sale.

Cash register shift closing: cash flows are traced taking into account capital items and a record of debit and credit.

The system also contains reports: "Stock goods sheet", "Sales report", "Transfer report", "Register of expenditure papers", "Distribution by pharmacies for the period" and others.

Subsystem "Finances"

Cash accounting

The section contains reference materials, documents and reports about cash flows taking into account financial accounting subgroups. The following payment methods are available: cash, terminal and transfer. There is a possibility to monitor expenditures for own needs which are not related to the main activity, taking into account payments for materials and household services.

1. Incoming and outgoing cash orders. The document takes into account the payments from external and internal counterparties, in the context of capital items, cash registers and accountable persons.

2. Bank statement. The system downloads reports from internet banking in Excel formats automatically and creates necessary documents in the database, taking into account capital items of financial groups.

3. Non-cash income and expenditure. The document is created based on reports from internet banking or manually.

The system also contains reports: "Debtors & creditors", "Account reconciliation report", "Bank report", "Cash flow statement", "Register of debts-aging", "Turnover balance sheet" and others.

Subsystem "Business Analytics"

The section contains reference materials, documents and reports for control, management and development of an organization.

Company promotions. A document for creating promotions and setting their period of validity. The promotions can be created for wholesale and retail sales. The system sets conditions and calculates discounts in sales documents automatically.

The system also contains reports: “Sales-Profit”, “Cost Accounting”, “Analysis of Sales by Warehouses”, “ABC and XYZ Analysis” and others.


Connecting users to the system

The software consists of two modules: Central Warehouse and Retail Pharmacy. Pharmacies get connected to the Central warehouse online, while the Pharmacy module is available offline. In the managed application mode it is possible to connect users to a database both within a local network and online.