A brief description of the features of the project for automation of express delivery business processes with an additional mobile application for inventory of temporary storage warehouses.

Authorization window:

Enter your login in the field “User name” and your password in the field “Password”. Then click “SIGN IN”.

Input window:

Navigation Bar:

Click the desired field to fill it.

The current step is marked in red color. Filled steps are marked in green.

Unfilled steps are marked in black. Inaccessible steps are marked in grey. To go to them you need to fill in the previous steps.

Help and Log out.

To log out of the system, click Log out.

To get help on using the system, click Help.


Click on the desired warehouse.


1. Sender.

Enter information on Sender (at least 3 characters).

For example: Tash Yaroslav Samardak Valerievich


You will see results for the entered data of sender. Order of entering the information is irrelevant. Results are sorted by matching to the requested data.

If there is no required customer in the list, you need to add him or her. (See Adding a client)

If the required customer is in the list, click on him/her name:

If this customer does not suit you, click SPECIFY ANOTHER SENDER.

2. Recipient.

Recipient is selected following the same algorithm as by a sender. (See Sender)

3. Adding a client.

To add a client click ADD A CLIENT

Customer’s data input window:

Choose the country of a client:

And also enter other information on the client (such as: first name in English, first name in Russian, last name in English, last name in Russian, patronymic name in English, patronymic name in Russian, city in English, city in Russian, address in English, address in Russian, zip code, phone number, passport data).

After entering all the data, click on ADD.

Select the client as a sender (see Sender) or as recipient (see Recipient).

4th step.

After selecting a sender and a receiver, the button NEXT STEP will appear:

Click it.

Enter cargo data and click ADD CARGO.

Add all loads and press NEXT STEP:


To delete a cargo, click  


All entered information is displayed here.

If everything is correct, click Confirm. Otherwise, go back to previous steps.

Click PRINT. 4 barcodes with complete information about the package will be printed. The bill of lading CN23 is sent to a customs broker by e-mail.

Android Mobile application

The mobile application “Module for the collection of data” is designed to check the integrity of the lot when receiving cargo.

After the application is launched, authorization is required.

To check the integrity of the lot, you need to:

1) Select the desired lot from the list


2) Scan barcodes of all parcels of lot. When scanning, a package identifier is transferred from the list of “Unprocessed goods” to “Processed goods”.

3) After scanning all the parcels in lot, the button “Confirm the integrity of the lot” becomes enabled. If you click it, the data will be uploaded to the server.

The program provides for automated SMS delivery reporting or other reporting.

Program interface: English, Russian...

Software technology: C++ (Qt), PHP

DB is for Customer's choice. In this project it is MS SQL 2008 with multigeneration of reports.

You will see results for the entered data of sender. Order of entering the information is irrelevant. Results are sorted by matching to the requested data.