Meat products sales management in trading network

+ discount system and SMS text messaging

Automation of accounting for sale of meat products

Brief description: The information system for automation of accounting, storage and movement of company products in outlets with further sale, as well as for maintaining a discount and bonus system in a single database using a distributed database and binding auxiliary equipment (barcode scanner, scales).

This system performs the following tasks:

  • it organizes storage and processing of data;
  • it minimizes labor costs for information processing;
  • it has user-friendly interface of input-output forms;
  • it excludes the possibility of arithmetic and logical errors;
  • it controls actions of a user working with the program and informs the user about an error and the possibility of its correction;
  • it makes creation of reports and documents easier.

The system for accounting of goods movement has such features as:

1. accounting of commodity transactions:

1.1. Document “Arrival of finished products”

The document reflects arrival of finished products and is responsible for pricing. It is created automatically on the basis of application for interaction with another system.

The document provides for checking the quantity of products sent to outlet and its adjustment.

1.2. Document “Inventory of goods in warehouses”

The document matches the goods in outlets and adjusts the accounting and actual amount by writing off the goods because of shrinkage and so on.

Goods can be selected from balances in the context of warehouses and arrival of goods. There are also convenient features for user's work.

1.3. Document “Transfer between warehouses”

The document reflects information about movement of goods between warehouses.

There are fields for storage locations: “Warehouse-sender” and “Warehouse-recipient”.

2. Discount and cumulative system accounting:

1.4. Directory “Information cards”

The directory contains information about all discount cards.

The directory records information about a card after its registration for a buyer. The information on the card will be updated and the data will be linked to the current owner. Barcode is entered automatically using barcode scanner.

1.5. Document “Registration of a discount card”

The document is responsible for binding a cardholder to a card in the database.

You need to indicate the discount card, the cardholder and the discount rate to be set. Other data is entered automatically.

1.6. Document “Setting daily discounts”

The document allows you to set a discount for a certain period for a certain nomenclature in the specified store.

It is possible to set an accurate time interval for discounts in the context of outlets. The goods are filled with leftovers in store to the current date using the button. After setting a discount rate with the button, the discounted price is calculated. It is possible to change the price of a certain product manually.

1.7. Document “Setting bonus limits”

The document sets limits at which bonuses are accrued to a card according to the specified rate.

You need to specify the limits and enter the rate for further bonuses when buying goods.

2. Sales accounting

1.8. Document “Outlet”

The document reflects goods dispatched to a buyer, discount cards, bonus system.

Input in the document is possible by using both mouse and keyboard.

Discount cards are read automatically via barcode scanners.

You can add goods in several ways: via barcode scanner; by name of a product; by barcode: in case of equipment failure, damage to barcode or inconvenience of entering a product name.

The system provides for both quantity and weight calculation of goods. In the field “Quantity/weight” “1 item” is put by default, but it can be changed in the future. If an item is sold by weight, it should be weight first. The weight is transferred from scales to the appropriate field with the button.

If a buyer has a discount card, then while reading the card you can see immediately buyer’s data, discount rate, bonus amount (current balance, future accrual, discount amount, etc.).

If there are any bonuses on the card, the buyer can pay for purchase with bonuses. When paying with bonuses, a window with maximum amount of bonuses appears. The system does not allow paying more than permitted.

If some product has a “One-day discount”, the current rate and price will be assigned to it automatically.

There are also a group of hotkeys, view with tabs (for issuing to several buyers at once) and window mode.

1.9. Returns of goods

The document is responsible for returning goods from a buyer.

2. Nomenclature card;

  • Nomenclature is provided as weight.
  • Maintaining an alternative barcode.

3. Operational data:

  • stock-in-trade (balance)
  • turnover
  • money turnover
  • view of average purchase amount
  • marginal profit from outlet

4. Data exchange between the database and the slave nodes:

  • It is possible to exchange data online automatically
  • or manually via file (if there is no direct Internet connection)