The project to develop a device for measuring water in wells

Automatic level meter (hereinafter referred to as ALM) is designed for measuring the level and temperature of water in a well at certain intervals without human intervention. ALM consists of a data collector and directly sensors. The data collector is a microprocessor device with internal nonvolatile memory for storing settings and a measurement archive. Measuring span from 1 hour to 24 days is set by using the program “ALM Configurator”. The following figure shows the installation of the device:

The program “ALM Configurator” is intended for reading data on results of changing from the internal memory of the device and then saving these results in a database. You can also view data in the form of a table or a graph. It is possible to export data to MS Word and MS Excel files.

Below are some screenshots of the program “ALM Configurator”

Information about the device ALM:

Measurement data in tabular form:

Measurement data diagrammatically:

Three test samples were created for more accurate calibration. They have passed all technical tests and were handed over to the Customer.