Fixed assets and inventory accounting automation

Brief description of the system features:

It is an information system for automation of accounting, storage and moving of inventory in all offices of a company in a single information database with binding of auxiliary equipment (wireless barcode scanner, barcode printer, smartphone, etc.).

This system performs the following tasks:

  • it organizes storage, data processing and printing;
  • it minimizes labor costs for information processing;
  • it has convenient for users input/output data forms;
  • it excludes the possibility of arithmetic and logical errors;
  • it controls actions of a user working with the program and informs the user about an error and the possibility of its correction;
  • it prints certain forms of documents;
  • it creates reports and documents.

The system for accounting of inventory movement has such features as:

1. Major trade transactions accounting:

Document “Invoice”

This primary document carries out the entry of goods.

In the head of the document we specify a date, counterparty that have sent nomenclature, under what treaty it has been sent, storage location, where the nomenclature and branch are entered in records.

In the table section we add the nomenclature, description (if there is any) and quantity. Then we note what nomenclature we consider as the main tool.

After that we post the document and click “Create inventory cards”.

Document “Inventory card”

Inventory cards are created based on main tools and quantity from “Invoice”. All fields are filled automatically from the document “Invoice”. All you need is to create a barcode and post the document.

Document “Internal displacement”

We specify storage location: “From” and “To” which place we want to move it.

After clicking “Fill” all the nomenclature from the first field goes to the tabular form. And then we checkmark the elements that we want to move and post the document.

Document “Inventory”

We conduct physical inventories with the help of auxiliary equipment. We take the equipment and go through the storage place scanning barcodes and uploading them into the document. Then we check for discrepancies in “Inventory Report”.

Document “Write-off of items”

The document is designed to write off unusable nomenclature.

If the inventory has failed and it is not possible to repair it, it is being written off according to Write-off certificate and its personal inventory card is being removed from the system.

2. multilevel nomenclature;

You can assign your QR-code to the nomenclature and then scan ityou’re your smartphone. Keeping records becomes easier and much faster.

You can generate various data in your QR-code, such as: name, code, description, units of measure, etc. For example, the nomenclature for the directory will look like:

Code: 2000000000022.

Nomenclature: Desk.

Description: Yellow desk...

You can also bind the nomenclature to a kit, so that you can always know what kind of nomenclature belongs to one or another kit.

Inventory accounting:

  • by product category;
  • by additional parameters.

Operational data:

  • stock of commodities (balances);
  • turnover.

Storage of necessary additional product characteristics:

  • contracts;
  • counterparties;
  • photos of inventory.

Software technology: 1C 8.2 – thin client