Driving School - KS

Accounting automation software for driving schools

The system allows you to organize effective accounting:

  • "Accounting"
  • "Records managements"
  • "Calculations"
  • "Salary + Staff"
  • "Modification for driving schools"

Preparation of bookkeeping entries on operational records documents reflects in accounting commercial transactions that were closed with corresponding documents. This mechanism also allows you to get bookkeeping entries for any arbitrary period, starting from one day. This feature allows you to expedite the implementation of configuration, simplifies its use and makes it easier to find accounting errors.

There are three separate lines of accounting in configuration, in other words, chains “document – internal mechanism for recording – report”:

• Records management divided into management accounting and financial accounting;

• Accounting;

• Personnel records and salary accounting.

Features for driving schools

In this work, the following documents were developed: “Study group”, “Payroll”, “Driving test card”, “Test report”. That makes it convenient to recruit study groups, attach driving teachers and mechanics to them and view payment information. Standard printing forms of documents and reports are also included.

Documents : “Study group”

Document : “Payroll”

Document  “Driving test card”

Document “Test report”