Software for accounting and calculation of fees

Fees – automation of calculation and payment of fees

Brief description of the configuration for television:

This solution is intended for calculation and payments of fees to staff and non-staff personnel and calculation of all kinds of taxes.

The configuration consists of 3 directories:

  • Employees
  • Subdivisions
  • Fees (with predefined items)

and 2 documents:

  • Accrual of fees
  • Closing of payroll records

Reports in the program:

  • Set of fees
  • Employee's certificate of income

Directories are filled in the usual way: with the button “Add” or hotkeys “Insert”, “+”.


Accrual of fees

In this document, you select a subdivision, type and type of fee. Then you add employees from a sheet transferred from the selected subdivision, regardless of whether they work there or not.

Closing of payroll records:

In this document, you select an employee's accruals per month and click the button “Fill”.


Set of fees

Select the type of subdivision and the period of set.

Employee's certificate of income

Here you can see amounts that the selected employee earned in the selected period.

Software technology: 1C 8.2 controlled forms