PROGRESS Cotton v 1.6- KS



for computer certification

cotton fiber



                                      PROGRESS cotton v 1.6 – KS                                          

   Cotton Fiber Computer Certification

Automatic process of grading cotton fiber.​

Progress is an information system (IS) for the automation of certification, classification of varieties and grades of cotton fiber. Automatic determination of the grade and class of cotton fiber in accordance with the national classification according to the state standard O'z DSt 604: 2001 “Cotton fiber. Technical conditions ".

The IS carries out processing and storage of data related to a bale of cotton fiber, such as:

  • whiteness factor,
  • degree of yellowness,
  • trash code,
  • bodice code,

and also calculates the variety and class based on the specified algorithm. The IS allows you to change the parameters of the algorithm for calculating the variety and class in order to achieve a more accurate determination of their values.

Window showing the calculated grade and grade of cotton fiber


The window for exporting the collected data to Microsoft Office Excel format


The window for setting the parameters of the algorithm for calculating the grade and class of cotton fiber.


Development language: C ++ (Qt)

Used DBMS: Postgre SQL

Introduced in the organization: Uzbek certification center "SIFAT"