Payment Schedule KS


Automate your cash flow finance schedule

With this Payment calendar you can automate your finance schedule of cash flow management and planning

The cash flow control system allows you to control current and future costs keeping, billing documents and expenses coordination in any currency of mutual settlements. The informing form analyzes result of the current state of account. It is also possible to analyze the current budget and planned future expenditure based on payment application documents. The system allows you to control expenses of the organization and their executors according to the access rights.


It is possible to view the request status: “On approval”, “Agreed”, “For payment”, “Paid” or establish the status according to the importance of a request (“Priority”): high, medium, low.

All applications are formed on the basis of “Contract” of an applicant and can be divided into parts. In fixed amount contracts, the total amount of all applications cannot exceed the contract amount.

After the payment of the application is received, the contract receives the status "Closed" and the application receives the status “Paid”. Such documents will not be taken into account in future.

The contract itself can be prolonged or modified by supplementary agreement.

In supplementary agreements the information of them is taken into account from the date of the signing of the agreement.

It is possible to set the value of a currency on the certain date: Settings – Currency Rates.


You can enter a bank account based on the bank and set the owner (counterparty or organization) and payment documents.


Bank accounts are named based on a bank, settlement account and type of currency.


A contract receives the status "Not agreed" while entering and cannot be changed manually in fixed amount contracts. The contract receives the status “Closed”, if the documents created by applications are paid and if they correspond to the contract amount in their total amount.


Currencies of settlement accounts must match (check for correspondence), as well as settlement accounts must correspond to their owners (Counterparties and an Organization).


Loading and synchronization of funds from bank accounts of the accounting department.

Processing on rights of access to program objects’ requisites, status of the access to requisites, read and view by system users roles.

Integration with other software accounting systems, customization and configuration based on users’ preferences.

Additional, auxiliary, flexible in configuration reports with decoding on the resource cells.


The system can operate via web interface and via a thin client.