Dental KS


Full ERP system for professional automation of dental clinics

Advantages of DENTAL KS:

  • Automated workplaces of the administrator of the registry, doctor, nurse...
  • Providing the director with information on the business
  • Automated following-up of assigned business tasks
  • Formation of necessary reporting on all areas
  • The system increases the level of services for patients of your dentistry, there is also a permanent electronic archive
  • It is possible to carry out marketing activities and programs to attract customers (discount system, for example a family discount)
  • A big discount system: personal discounts for customers, discounts by client types, discounts on presentation of a card, cumulative discounts, a bonus system with an accrual to a personal account, a discount can be provided by a percentage, amount or gift, it can apply to a limited number of services or goods, be limited in time, be provided only to certain categories of customers, etc.
  • Connection of commercial equipment (fiscal recorders, magnetic card readers, barcode scanners, etc.) to accelerate business processes
  • It is possible to combine the network of your clinics into a single information system
  • Improved dental formula is presented in an expanded graphical form with many areas and an unlimited number of states, you can choose the parameters with a single click (diagnosis, type of work, etc.)
  • Mechanism for the exact calculation of profit and profitability of business taking incomes and expenditures over time into account
  • Reduced cost of the program and licenses for additional jobs
  • Possibility of remote work via Internet (even the speed of GPRS connection is enough)
  • Ability of the further program development with your clinic specific features or for individual requirements
  • Continuous software updating, constant increasing of the program efficiency level

We offer you to automate your clinic and to bring it to a high level of manageability and efficiency! We provide free service for 3 months.

Using the capabilities of our program you can increase the efficiency of your business a lot.

We give free presentations of the program, please call us: 276 99 20

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