Software for automatic processing of array data

of cotton fiber quality indicators

Analysis of array data on cotton fiber quality indicators

The developed software analyzes data on cotton fiber quality indicators and is designed to improve the national color chart.

The software consists of a control module for user authorization and two modules for calculations and reporting:

  • Module “Analysis and cleansing of data on cotton fiber quality assessment according to a given algorithm collected for a period”: arithmetic mean and standard deviation are calculated on basic data of cotton fiber bales, then data is cleared;
  • Module “Analysis based on comparison of data on cotton fiber quality assessment collected for a period and calculated according to a given algorithm of grade and class of the national color chart”: grade and class values entered by a classer are being compared with grade and class values that have been calculated using the specified national color chart algorithm.

Reports are output directly to MS Excel. The software uses report templates saved in MS Excel files. It makes it easy to customize the report type and/or software, if necessary.

Modules for calculations have a similar interface and behavior:

1. The following data is downloaded from DBF files:

  • Cotton ginning factory code;
  • bale ID;
  • degree of whiteness;
  • degree of yellowness;
  • thrash code;
  • leaf code;
  • classer’s grade;
  • classer’s class;
  • date of entry;
  • HVI number;
  • classer’s number;
  • selection.

2. Data is being sampled so that the main module algorithm can operate with it in future (it is possible to sample data at loading time, one or more HVI numbers, one or more region codes, etc.);

3. Parameters necessary for report generation are being calculated (the main module algorithm);

4. Report is displayed.

Authorization window and software module selection window:

Report generation window, in which it is possible to customize selections and upload the result to a DBF file.

Examples of generated reports

Development language: C++

Software technology: Qt